Does anyone use Evebet anymore?

I just tried to register for evebet, and it says you can only register with the in-game browser. Which has been removed. So I am just curious if anyone still uses this or knows hot to register.

No, no-one uses it any more. Because gambling sites have been banned from Eve. Around a year ago.

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Does that mean that registering for
"The BIG games" is banned also? not sure if thats the name.
Not sure if its banned, just want to know so i know if i can register and enter the draw safely without being banned :slight_smile:

Yeah, RIP EVEBet, you were a great one. Yes, reportedly BIG Games also defunct. No more risking your in-game currency in games of chance. (There was a court case (in the U.K. I believe?). Online games should not be platforms for children to learn addictive gambling behaviors).

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Evebet wasn’t a target of the bans which happened. That was sites like I want Isk.

However, you couldn’t really get rid of one, without taking out the other as collateral damage.

The people running Eve Bet took it well enough (publicly at least).

Iron Bank had a meltdown over it, and is still bitter as hell.

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