Does Officer Shaqil Actually Exist? Can he be a thing in the future?

Does anyone know if Officer Shaqil or any of his modules have ever existed in-game? There is no market history for his modules and people have been asking the same question back to 2008. DEVS PLZ HALP!


Zkillboard shows that one poor sap has died to a “Warlord Shaqil Dragat” by in 2011. Never even heard of this particular officer.

Considering the very limited number of modules and an implant from this officer, it sounds like it’s a mission that may or may not spawn this officer. Definitely a mission, maybe an L5 or L4 in low sec.

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Good call. A player in a 2006 thread claims that Dragat is part of a COSMOS mission.

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I guess that would explain why they’re so scarce since you can only do the mission once per character.

Thanks for your help!

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