Does Officer Shaqil Actually Exist? Can he be a thing in the future?


(KobaltHusky) #1

Does anyone know if Officer Shaqil or any of his modules have ever existed in-game? There is no market history for his modules and people have been asking the same question back to 2008. DEVS PLZ HALP!


(Quelza) #2

Zkillboard shows that one poor sap has died to a “Warlord Shaqil Dragat” by in 2011. Never even heard of this particular officer.

(Rivr Luzade) #3

Considering the very limited number of modules and an implant from this officer, it sounds like it’s a mission that may or may not spawn this officer. Definitely a mission, maybe an L5 or L4 in low sec.

(Quelza) #4

Good call. A player in a 2006 thread claims that Dragat is part of a COSMOS mission.

(KobaltHusky) #5

I guess that would explain why they’re so scarce since you can only do the mission once per character.

Thanks for your help!

(system) #6

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