Does SeAT allow for partial background checks like auth alliance does?

When it comes to background checks, it seems like SeAT is an all or nothing tool. Either it gives you full access to a character or none at all. Is is possible to do something in the middle where you can select what information you want access to?

This isn’t a good place to get help with SeAT.
Read the documentation: SeAT Documentation
And if that fails, ask for help: Contact - SeAT Documentation

Unfortunately their slack links don’t work at all and the link to their forum doesn’t work.

I’m not savvy enough to understand their docs hence my question here. Does anyone have a link to their real EVE O thread or the real slack?

Try the correct Homepage and you will be helped :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

regarding : Contact - SeAT Documentation

This all-or-nothing functionality of SeAT always bothered me. This is why in Seatplus i have build a much more modular way of setting it up.

You can read more about it here: SSO Scopes - Docs

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