Does Wolf-Rayet small weapons bonus applies to light drones?


Edit: the answer is NO. CCP, please, add “Light Drone Operation” skill to the affected stuff by Wolf-Rayet beacon.

Wolf Rayets are partially opposite to Pulsars, penalizing shields, enhancing armor, and reducing signature radii to reduce the strength of large weapons. However, the most striking aspect of the Wolf Rayet effect is the unbelievably huge bonus to Small weapon damage. This damage bonus means that the rulers of Wolf Rayet combat are Frigates, Tactical Destroyers, and Cruisers fitted with Rapid Light Missile Launchers (as Rapid Lights are also considered “small” weapons, and are one of the few weapons systems that can effectively damage extremely-small-signature Frigates and Destroyers). Damage of small Vorton Projectors are affected by this effect too.

As an aside, Wolf Rayet systems in general are not to be confused with the so-called C13 Small Ship Shattered wormholes, which use C6-strength Wolf Rayet effects.

/i would say no as drones are not considered weapons

The weapons of the drones are small, no?

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Drones are not considered small weapons.

When anything in eve gives bonus to drones, it will state drones specifically. But in this case, its small weapons on ships only

This is lame, I do not understand why light drones do not get bonuses from the star. Maybe reasoning behind it could be Gallente bigger ships’ bonuses to all drones including light. But even if it was the case, for example Eos would lose DPS if it used light drones instead of heavy ones in case of Wolf-Rayet.

How could I suggest CCP to look into this and update the star bonuses to include light drones?

Reach out to the CSM (here or discord) or put it into the player ideas section of the forums.

To set your expectations appropriately: I have seen zero ideas like this actually be listened to by CCP the past 4 years.


I dont recall any environments in new eden interact or affect drones (correct me if im wrong, i dont do wormholes).

The only things that “affect” drones are either ship mods or implants.

Why is it so important that you get bonus to drones? Are you exclusively using a drone boat?

In terms of mechanisms, “small weapons” means “requires one of the small weapon skills”.
Those being, small hybrid/projectile/energy/precursor(<need to be checked) turret , and light missile/rocket.

So unless CCP decides to add the “light drone operation” skill, the system-wide effect would not affect drones.

Let’s check the effects
starting with J100237 WH Systems Database we can tell this WS is a wolf rayet.
A search in zkb tells us the system id J100237 | System | zKillboard (it’s in the URL)
looking the SDE sde/fsd/universe/wormhole/E-R00026/E-C00258/J100237/solarsystem.staticdata we can find

    effectBeaconTypeID: 30878
    itemID: 40485878
    - 8440011030432.73
    - 6990453036018.563
    - 1102973191315.6707
    typeID: 30669

the typeId in esi is and we can check each of its effect id individually to get its effect.

The first one for damage, applies its effect on each location of a ship that requires small energy turret.
The attribute modified being, so the damage multiplier of the location (so the turret), I guess operator 4 is postPercent . So when the game applies this effect on a new entity, for each location on that entity that requires small energy turret, location.attribute[64] ×= (100+bonus)/100

An example of such a location is the type : its base attribute 64 set to 3.6 ; it has its attribute set to Small Energy Turret - EVE Online Reference which means the beacon effect will apply to it.

We check each other effect present on the beacon to see what it impacts. Those which impact damage are : small projectile small hybrid - 60 rocket damages - 63 missile damages (missing one type) missing missile damage small precursor small upwell

so since there is no small drone dedicated multiplier, your drones damage multiplier is not affected by this beacon.

As a side note, since RLML require the light missile skill, they are also bonused while technically being medium sized platform.

CCP could technically put them in the M size bracket, but this means all medium bonused ships would have a benefit for them, instead of being able to select which one are.

I guess right now CCP uses the “group id” instead of the required skill id to select them for ships bonused eg towards HM, HAM and RLML.


On the positive side, when you enter a system with negative effects to small weapons (not sure if there are any) then you are golden with drones :slight_smile:

HUGE thanks for the reply, awesome to get some of the “behind screens” mechanics.
I do not see a reason behind not adding “Light Drone Operation” to the list unless there is an issue with applying the effects to drones instead of the modules.

Then it’s a choice.

Indeed there already are skills that affect specific drones size, see “worm” ( ) effect
modifies the attribute based on the ship attribute (modified by skill level

Here it’s a “trait” effect but guess the beacon could work the same with the added function.

Awesome info, I wish I could suck more information about the game from you. Started playing this a few months ago.

What a pity, drones could use some of the WH effects spice.

Where could I find the info about APIs, attributes and other development stuff? From where and how did you navigate to WH info?

Introduction | esi-docs especially the resources at the end

for WS info I just look ethala. No need for specific contraints.
Now if you want to query , you need to embed sde as a DB, and SQL it.

4 years? lol
I dont think they even read the forums…

This is upsetting

And you would be mistaken. They listen and apply player ideas, just not something like this.

I am not mistaken ser it is you that is deluded.
gl with that.

Could you give me 1 example of exactly this? I could use my faith in management being restored

Just look at the little things thread. A lot of those have been applied. Something like this is what someone was referring to as ccp not doing. Drones are an iffy thing for them to mess with. Last time they tried, they broke drones and other stuff.