Does your corporation need an appealing, aesthetic poster to attract people? I'm here for that!

I make propaganda in Photoshop, banners, posters, I will take up your requests, but you’ll have to pay in ISK.

You set the price.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Ps. all of these posters where made for Signal Cartel corporation, we are your friends in this lonely space.

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moved to correct category

Im new here so I was confused as to where I should post it

I’m intrested in a few posters made for our Corp recruitment

We are looking for Warhammer 40k themed imperial guard posters , obviously with hints of eve in them

I’ll post some examples of some of our old Corp posters , but the name would be I-FED instead

image image image

If you can help us with something along these lines please get in touch :slight_smile:

Sounds like something I could do

@Seti_Star done a really good job helping us create 4 awesome recruitment posters . was very friendly and attentive and would recomend her to anyone :slight_smile:

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