My EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel Artwork

More often than I can login these days, I’ve been working on propaganda/ad posters for our great corp, Signal Cartel (and alliance EvE-Scout).


My workflow more or less:

  1. Find or see an inspiring image on Twitter, Google images, or a few Flickr accounts I follow.
  2. Get permission to use it
  3. Bring it into (no photoshop on this machine) for level correction, curves, or any affects, and export to PNG.
  4. Drop it into my page layout program on a new page, and lay out the titles and copy, etc.
  5. Export to multi-page PDF, then run through an AppleScript to split the pages and sips (OS X scriptable image processor) to convert to PNG.
  6. Upload
  7. Ship Post!

Nice work, reminds me of Movie Theater Posters.


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