Done - can be closed

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Amarr or Caldari preferred - both in one char would be even better. Should have JDC V and Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V

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Bump a

(Gary Bell) #3 I have this one if your interested and the price is right? ou would have to remap it to amarr… But i use it as an alt. Can fly the nag, Blops, Logi, Fax, Loki Tackler with cyno five… its basically an uber alt

(Grr Gons) #4

Looking for something a little more focused. I would have to spend a lot on extractors and injectors, so I can’t give you a good price.

(Grr Gons) #5

Still looking

(Friedel Aivoras) #6 interested?

(Grr Gons) #7

Yes I am. Found your sales thread

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