Done - WTS 5mil SP Trading Pilot

(Victor Cherkashin) #1

Victor Cherkashin

5mil SP created with the intent of being a station trader

2 remaps available

Wallet Ballance - Positive
Kill Rights - None
Security Status - 0
Jump Clones - None
Located in Jita 4 - Navy Assembly Plant

Eve Appraisal states 4.7 billion isk.

Buy Out at 4 billion isk

All CCP rules apply and I will pay the transfer fee

(San Mithras) #2

2.5 Bil

(Victor Cherkashin) #3

Deal if it can happen within 4 hours from 8:34 pm EST. And assuming I don’t need to be omega to transfer.

(San Mithras) #4

guess it is longer then 4 hours now and yes you need to be Omega to transfer a character

If you are still interested let me know

(Victor Cherkashin) #5

Sorry, having to get Omega and pay the transfer fee puts me at 3.3 billion isk already.

The $40 plex cost already gives 1100 PLEX so I would be better off than that at 3.63 billion isk.

3.8 billion isk would be the lowest I could go now.

(Victor Cherkashin) #6


(San Mithras) #7

I just filed a support ticket because german and french rules state that you need to be omega to transfer a char but english rules don’t and i know one guy from my corp who transfered out of alpha state.

Would you be interessted in the 2.5 B offer if possible to transfer from alpha?

(Victor Cherkashin) #8

I would do 2.5 B if I could transfer from alpha.

(San Mithras) #9

Allright i got the answer from CCP:
English rules are correct. German and French have never been updated since alpha clones. Therefore you can trade a char from an alpha clone.

ISK and Accountinfo sent

(Victor Cherkashin) #10

isk received and transfer initiated