Don't know where to put this

Don’t know where to put this, so I posted it here. Seems like the EVE transfer characters between accounts is broken. I was thinking about closing one of my accounts due to money issues. I wanted to take a toon from one to another of my accounts. Does not work. Times out. I can sure by PLEX. That works. I can buy packages. That works. I can buy MTC certificates. That works. But this no longer seems to work and I cannot find anything in the past information that CCP puts out. Ah well. So is life. The button you click to enable this feature just spins and spins and spins till it stops. Confusing. Maybe someone has an idea of what I am doing wrong? I do not want to lose the toon, but will if I have to.

Open a ticket from the support page:

There is a section there regarding character transfers.

moved to General Issues - EVE Online Forums, Contact Support is the right answer here :white_check_mark:

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