Problem with GM Sirius

The GM told me in a ticket I made that he will transfer my character to another account for 500 PLEX, so I bought the PLEX for real money and after that he stopped responding and I didnt get my transfer, so I wasted my real cash for nothing. Is there any other way I can contact him? Or any other GM can help me with this?

Discussing GM actions in here will just get your thread locked. File a ticket or re-open your old one and ask for your case to be escalated to a senior GM.

P.S. Patience is a virtue. There are a lot of tickets that need to be handled and it takes time.

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Customer support is the best avenue imo. Everyone has a boss. Oh InB4 lock. :point_right:

No mention of 500 PLEX.

You have been scammed by CCP. :joy:


The PLEX is just alternative method of payment I asked for, but still I didnt get the transfer.

So thats how they solve problems, they just lock topics?

Unfortunately the forums are not the place to receive answers about customer support interactions. You will need to wait for a response to your ticket, or submit a new one in order to get in touch with the GMs. That is the only way to get in touch with them. It may take some time but you will receive a response. I will now close this thread.