Double Shark Typhoon - US/UK High Sec Co-Op

My friend and I are looking to recruit High sec players for Co-Op PvE! We do Level 4 security, wormholes data/relic/combat sites, incursion and Triglavian invasion, and continue to explore the in game content looking for fun and profitable stuff to do. The whole point is to get enough people together to easily access the high end PvE content.

Corp Tax is 1%, and we are 100% fun and care-free. We have a voice discord set up, and are on pretty much anytime we play. Like minded individuals are a plus as being part of the Corp is as much a social engagement as playing. We are old hands from 10+ years ago, just getting back into the game. So if you are just starting to learn all the different stuff about Eve and are looking for a solid, long-term team, this may be the place for you. We would like players who have a few weeks/months of play time (or more) but open to just about anyone with the right attitude and aligned goals.

Regular playtime is 8-12pm Est most days, with some earlier stuff on the weekends when possible. Our UK contingent is yet to be set up, but my boys (and ladies) across the pond are always welcome. We are anti-troll, mostly left leaning and really just interested in playing with good quality people. Skill in the game will develop over time, but a players attitude and temperament are sort of already set.

With that said, we just want to chill, fly around and do cool stuff. Hit me up if this peaks your interest or you just need laid back people to play along side.

We are based near Amarr, and at this point only have Amarr players. We have one miner, and 2 combat players so far. No hard nosed fleet command or silly rules, just collecting and flying cool ships. #pve #high-sec

We are still looking for cool people!

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