Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(Ima Wreckyou) #162

It’s not free stuff, it’s a cheap psychological trick to make you login to artificially increase the PCU

(Ezra Endashi) #163

From my point of view it is completely free. I pay for my sub yearly. I login every day anyway. So it is 100% free.

(Dread Saboteur) #164

It’s a cheap trick to inflate login numbers. My gues is Pearl isn’t too happy since the AMA after the takeover,there was alot of hostility there and no doubt some unsubing since most people sub in batches of 3 month + we’ll see the real backlash in pcu next year. Also the job open for new monetization director means they want more money it’s that guy who has to figure out how to milk us

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #165

It started I just got 50k SP on my main :+1:

(DangR) #166

Im happy with the 50K sp, but please let me remove the “daily campaigns” button.
There is enough clutter on the screen as it is.

(Phill Kane) #167

I’m Omega…So why in the ‘Daily Login Campaigns’ it says only 25K?

(slphy vansyl) #168

as said in jita, prove you can read! :slight_smile:
2 pack of 25k, one today and another tommorrow
to resume: day 1 AND day 2

edit: just log in, got day 1 reward (2 x 25k, just alt +Y to redeem)

(Phill Kane) #169

…“If you have an Omega Account, you can log in and claim 50,000 skillpoints twice this weekend.”…

(Dracoknight) #170

I would love to, but the problem is that there is likely a BB fleet this weekend and i dont want to miss getting chased by Titans T^T

(Dravick Afterthought) #171

You don’t HAVE to redeem the SP…

(Zane Uchiha) #172

“New Eden will be enjoying its first double training weekend!”
Cool, double SP training rate!
“If you have an Omega Account, you can log in and claim 50,000 skillpoints twice this weekend.”
Cool, we get some skill injectors as well!

Oh, you meant double training weekend BECAUSE OF the injectors? Might have explained that a bit better, no? Now I wasted quite a sum of ISK on celebral accelerators… Thanks a lot CCP…

(Mizhara Del'thul) #173

That tends to be the thing with manipulating people. They never have to do the thing in question. They’re just being manipulated by someone to do it. It’s cynical manipulation no matter how you swing it, and it’s deplorable as a business tactic.

(Spectari Blight) #174

How dare CCP give me free stuff!? I’m literally shaking rn. Omg so triggered :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dread Saboteur) #175

I want good working game not free stuff.Stuff is easy to get nowdays

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #176

I want player housing AND free stuff, real estates are chaep in virtual space :laughing:

(Maekchu) #177

He was talking about a working game. So let’s maybe not spend dev time on a feature that was removed cause no one used it.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #178

As we see from recent development and this thread Eve become modern MMO.

It got:

  • microtransactions
  • PVE instances
  • PVP instances
  • dailies

it will come:

  • battlegrounds
  • player housing
  • pets
  • afk “activity”


(Maekchu) #179

You don’t have a Fedo with you in your ship? Barbaric…

(Marek Kanenald) #181

Ok I just found something rather annoying.

I clicked redeem on my alpha account and thought “Cool, I will just put in some Omega time and claim the other reward” but it turns out that by claiming it first as alpha I have actually forfeited the omega part. It’s kinda dumb since he redeem UI really gives the impression that there are 4 distinct squares to press.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #182

Once upon a time people used to log into eve because it was a good game. Not any more it seems.