Dps problems with kiting condor as an alpha

Hi im an alpha player and im trying a tech 1 condor for small gang pvp but the problem is that i think my dps is too low.
This is my fit

light missile launcher II x 3 (caldari navy scourge light missile as ammo)

warp disruptor 1
baker nunn enduring tracking disruptor1
5mn quad lif restrained MWD
Small shield extender 2

damage control 1
nanofiber internal structure 2

small warhead calefaction catalyst 1
small polycarbon engine housing 1 x2

my skills are :
guided missile prediction maximum level that allows an alpha account
light missiles maximum level that allows an alpha account
light missile specialization maximum level that allows an alpha account
missile launcher operation maximum level that allows an alpha account
rapid launch lv 4
target navigation prediction maximum level that allows an alpha account
warhead upgrades maximum level that allows an alpha account

although my light missile skills are at the maximum allowed by an alpha account my dps is 46,2 which i think is really low cause ive been doing solo pvp in fw with my alpha alter with a brawler merlin and i manage to deal some decent damage but with this condor i dont do enough damage even when im in my optimal range so i dont know whats the problem.

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The Condor is generally accepted as light tackle . You want to be tackling the target and have your fleet members doing most of the smackdown while you dance around the dying enemy.

If you want to be the kitey killer you should probably be looking at the Kestrel instead. With rockets you can stay just outside scram range and deal the deathly blows.

There are different roles to play in a small gang, as an alpha you can do your part. A good tackler is gold for a gang. You need to be quick and make fast assessments of the situation for your gang to succeed.

Here is a good video by Chessur that should help. Look to his other vids for the different roles for small gang.

There are lots of other sources to check out too! Knowledge and experience are your best weapons :wink:


Ohhh ok so i cant use the condor in solo pvp ? Im gonna try to fit a kestrel with missiles if i Can get enough dps to go on solo pvp sometimes.

Condor is an excellent solo ship but it requires good skills to be effective.

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