Vexor vs Condor PvP

Hi there, i was wondering why my fully loaded Vexor BC with medium hybrid turrets, armor buffs and 5 medium+light drones, could possibly lose in PVP against a Condor Frigate

i just could not get his shield down ? got also warp scrambled
Why and/or how is the condor such a good PvP ship ?

Also, is there a way to find out what the excact fitting was of the hostile PvP ship ?


The condor is a very fast frigate. If he did get within war scrambling range of you, he likely just out tracked your guns. Your best option against small ships engaging you is using Acolyte’s. They have better tracking and deal EM damage which is likely where the Condor has a hole. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a neut on your ship for situations like that.

One way to see how your enemy might have their ship fit is to check prior losses on zkillboard.


Thnx Azazel, this is very helpful!

with “neut” jou mean a energy neutraliser II to drain his energy also (?)

also i have found the char “sk’um” , on zkillboard, but i dont (or cant) seam to find the fittings for his condor.

[Condor, Sk’um’s Condor]
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Flux Coil
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Flux Coil

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster
Warp Scrambler II
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

Small Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu
Rocket Launcher II,Scourge Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II,Scourge Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II,Scourge Rage Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about this guy and here is one of his loses
He runs a pretty expensive fit with a medium shield booster

Thnx !!

Aha, a Pithum C-type medium shield booster of 36 M did the job for him …

Slightly more expensive than that probably. Avg Jita price is hovering around 41-43m.

Beyond that the easiest way to crack somebody running an oversized rep on a frigate is indeed energy neutralization.

Unfortunately the only two recent Vexor on the zkill for Sk’um are shitfits that don’t have proper hybrids fitted in the highs. So I can’t give you any advice based on fit.

Yep, i now, was still piling up ISK for the proper hybrid fit, ( jurgen sotor - a 3 month alpha player)
i was not really ready for the PvP. i guess

I was actualy attacking a lvl 2 pirate base, and there the sk’um was scrambling me, so i fired the drones…
my mistake, the worst thing was, in the middle of battle (never happend before) : connection lost !! when i logged in again, i was @ home station in my pod… thnx guys, this wil help me to be better prepared next time, and maybe get even with the Skum …

Just because you had a bigger ship class, does not mean that smaller ships cannot easily engage you. It’s all about experience and knowing when and what to engage.

Anyway, we can only come with guesses to the situation. Been browsing the killboard and the only Vexors that have died solo has been two killed by the Sk’um guy. But neither were armor fit nor have a full rack of blasters and were PvE boats. It’s always easier to make a judgement with the lossmail.

In general it’s bad idea to engage smaller, close range targets without neuts and/or webs.

Im just here for the free dingle berry’s

And he was afterburner fit. The afterburner deserves some credit.

Since he was running rockets and we know he scrammed you. A web would’ve ruined his day, just a web. A single medium neut would also have him running, but if your vexor was pve fit and without scram/disrupt the best you could’ve done was run him off.

That’s part of the EVE-learning curve. One of the first ships I lost in a one on one was a HAM fitted passive tanked caracal to an active shield tanked AB Condor tickling me to death.

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