Dragons of Oz / Anonymous Alliance recruiting now (AU/US/EU)

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Dragons of Oz is the new player friendly corporation of the Anonymous Alliance. Every new player who joins can expect me and the corp to help them out to the best of our abilities.

We as an alliance are based in lowsec (Solitude), and are mostly interested in PvP, but plan on recruiting and having an industrial wing in the future (if you fancy mining/ industry, convo me, I’ll tell you where to look for a good corp).

Note for experienced players:
Convo me or join our in game recruitment channel (-DoZ- Recruitment) and lets see what we can do to accommodate your play style, we might surprise you.

Why should you join Dragons of Oz?
Good question! Do you like being used as a meat shield, and considered a number? Well, if the answer is NO, then you are at the right place.

  • I will personally teach you the basics of the game and how to survive in the universe where everyone wants to kill you.
  • I will know who you are when you join, as I will be the one reviewing the application, and
  • last but not least, you will join a group of friends and become a part of a family, rather than a number.

What is in it for you?
If you are expecting free stuff and to be spoon fed and given everything you need to be a meat shield, then we are not the right place for you.
What we offer is our knowledge,

  • we will teach you how to make enough ISK to be able to buy the ships you want, by yourself, how to survive and keep the ships you worked for so hard in the beginning.
  • We will take you out on roams with small ships, so that you don’t lose half of your assets, and will to play, while learning to play the game.

LowSec, what?
Low security space (a.k.a. LowSec) are systems with a security status of 0.4 down to 0.1. This is the place where most pirates live. Yarrr, we are pirates… lol…

On a serious note, yes we are pirates, and we live in lowsec, but you are probably still scratching your head and wondering why?
The reason is very simple, in lowsec you can engage in pvp freely (compared to highsec), and you don’t have to worry about defending the sovereignty of the system (nullsec).

Solitude is a great area to live in, quiet when you want to be left in peace, but you can also go a few jumps out and find content when you want to blow up ships.

What that means for you is,

  • no constant fleet timers,
  • no constant CTAs,
  • mostly no TiDi (Slowing down of the game to give the servers time to respond to a huge amount of requests, a.k.a. huge fights with 1000+ players),
  • no kill quota or fleet attendance quota to fulfil to “earn” the right to stay a member of the corp/alliance.
  • Yes to small/mid scale pvp fleets where you can actually learn to fly your ship, compared to locking a target and pressing F1 in big fleets,
  • yes to having time off, when you don’t feel like flying and just want to talk to your corp mates and bring the ship spinning counter to new highs,
  • yes to exploring the game with friends and doing a bit of everything so it doesn’t get boring.

Out of game community
We have our own Teamspeak server if you want to just hang out and not even be logged into the game, we also have Slack (might consider moving to Discord soon) for on the go chat and pings.
We also play other games, and every member of the alliance is welcome to use our teamspeak for communication in other games (if there are a few of you playing a game together all the time, we might even create a designated channel for the game, ask us).

If you are interested, or have more questions, feel free to convo me or send me an evemail in game or join our recruitment channel -DoZ- Recruitment where we will answer all your further questions.

See you in the game, fly safe o7

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