We're back Baby! - Mostly Sober - PVP All the Time - The Bois are back in Low (Town)

Small Gang warfare, fighting outnumbered, skilled piloting, superior fits, WINNING ATTITUDE

If you are looking for Krabbing/Mining - Let me save you some time - Stop Reading….

What we like to do:

  • Small Gang Roams in Low Sec & Null


  • Gatecamps

  • Be Out in Space

How to Join:

OUR Gameplay

Killboard (If you care about those sort of things)- https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98240196/


Come fly with the real MrChuckNorris!

I came back from a two year break to rejoin these dudes. Definitely the place to be if you’re looking for some awesomely average low sec PvP!

Tired of ship spinning? Come Fly with us!

[02:05:33] Vision Overload > How to haze 5b in 30 min, join an OHSHT Fleet with Chuck

Free dread kills:

All Official Like

Wait, what? You’re scared of low sec???

Then come be what people are afraid of in low!!

sounds good. applied.

Last night… https://br.inyour.space/?s=2475&b=8794255&e=30&t=H