Dramiel PvP Tips

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Been playing around with the Dramiel PvP in null and I absolutely love the ship! I’m running a dual prop scram Dramiel meant for speed tanking and neuting them out (Uses 150mm as well) I’m learning quite a lot by flying around Null and having small gang fights and solo fights. For some odd reason I can never get a fight with a light missile or rocket pvp ship, but researching about the Dramiel, facing those types of ships might not be the best option.

My question is, is the Dramiel good against light missile or rockets within scram range or should I stay clear of them? (I have lots of Dramiels so losing one won’t hurt if I need to find a rocket/light missile fit). My thought process is if its rocket fit stay away, but if light missile fit I could potentially speed tank it if I orbit tight. I could be completely wrong about that so please correct me if I am wrong. Also is there anything else I should really watch out for using a dual prop scram Dramiel?

I’m always up for dying with a Dramiel and learning as well, just thought I would get more tips about the Dramiel so I can understand even more.

Thanks in advance!


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One advantage of using a dual prop setup is that the AB is great at mitigating missile damage. Rage rockets can apply full damage to any frig that is webbed unless it uses AB so you can counter much of their damage by using the AB, so the Dramiel will hard counter rocket frigs.

For LML ships the application is even worse to they will struggle even more with applying to an AB Dramiel. And since the Dramiel is one of the fastest ships in the game you will have a good change of catching them.

Just be careful with rocket interdictors and command destroyers as well as RLML ships as their overwhelming damage may be able to break you quickly.

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Ah okay perfect! Yeah, so far I’ve stayed away from well known RLML ships such as, orthrus, osprey navy issue, caracal, etc.

I wasn’t quite sure if using the AB would negate missiles that much or not, but this clears it up. Hopefully I can find a missile pvp ship sometime soon to test what is good for range vs both.

Thank you again for clearing that up :slight_smile:

Dont fight an Orthrus in a Dramiel that is basicly begging for death. It has more then enough ability to mess you up and a really solid tank. Cruisers like that will beat you just based on the fact that they can bring more tricks to beat you.

Yeah I thought about that with the Orthrus so far I’m having really good luck in staying away from them which is really nice :slight_smile: But eventually I’ll know I’ll get caught by one but that’s the fun of the game trying to escape an Orthrus :wink:

Treat it like a combat interceptor; the mobility and engagement parameters are similar. If the target could dunk you in a crusader/claw/raptor/taranis, dip before you are in trouble. Battleships at 120+k can hit you pretty easily due to sig radius at that range regardless of your heading (HG snakes can help out a lot with this), since you don’t have mwd bloom reduction like a combat inty does.
Although drones are a reasonable part of the dramiels dps, a lot of drones won’t be able to return to the bay if you are mwding somewhere else, so be aware to recall them before you relocate at high speed. ECM drones can be a nasty surprise to your enemies, and are cheap.

The dramiel is pretty expensive for a frigate hull, which can help you get a lot of fights as it is a nice killboard trophy. Use this to your advantage and slowly split the faster ships in an enemy gang from the slower, take out their fast tackle and leave. Be careful not to commit too hard, the dram is fairly fragile.

If you run a single prop setup, always use a deadspace mwd, and practice piloting it for a while, because they move in and out of gun/scram/web range very abruptly.

The beauty of dual prop setups is their ability to operate safely inside Scram range.

Avoid known RLML cancer boats like the plague. I’d also treat Heretics and Flycatchers with some respect.

Watch for incoming webs. Dual web opponents (or Serpentis boats) can generally wreck you.

Beware of punishers as well :wink:

I didn’t even think about the Serpentis boats, very good call about that. Haven’t had the pleasure of running into one yet as I usually burn off if I see a cruiser hull coming into play :wink:

What about punishers makes it difficult for the Dramiel? Are they a hard counter to the Dramiel or is something else in it’s play that I’m not seeing?

Punishers are seen as an easy target. Being the underdog really helps getting fights, and hilarious kills.

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