Missile frigates for anomic dramiel, worm, succubus, and cruor?

I’ve read a few guides, but it seems that gunnery frigates are heavily preferred on most burners, with the exception of the anomic daredevil and team missions.
I’ve not yet reached a high level with guns or gunnery ships, so I want to know if there are recently updated guides describing workable missile ships for the anomic dramiel, worm, succubus, or cruor?

Much thanks.

You are pushed into close range, with rats that have a very small signature.
The effect of web on your application is so good that you can go 100% application. With rockets it’s much more difficult. Especially since you need to go T2 missiles to compare to the T2 guns used.
so for sansha, angel, blood agents it’s a noway.
for the worm agent, you need to tank his huge kinetic DPS, while shooting him at 38km. his radius should be 350m though, so with fury missiles, you need a flare T2 , 2 republic painter (with full skills) to apply 145 DPS, with CN scourge you can use only a painter but then you apply only 128 DPS. Also I’m not even sure you can hit it.
Compare that to the 430 applied DPS on a non-missile ship. And the 150 required DPS to break it : not worth it.

On the bright side with any gistii SSB + any x-type kinetic hardener you can perm tank .

the burner dramiel has a 11m signature.

That means, a hawk with precision scourge missiles and two rigors (and enough webs) would apply 146 DPS , while it reps 229 kinetic ehp/s, JUST FROM THE SIG TANKING.

use pyfa, the actual applied DPS is closer to 25% of those values. With precision missiles.

and then you need to tank. total is 170 omni DPS, mostly EM and explo, which are the biggest hole of the hawk …

The jaguar has better bonuses and res, but then it’s only 114 DPS from precision missiles - while the dramiel reps 140 EM DPS.

Look up ‘Hateless gaming’ on youtube.
Covers all the Burners.

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