Dreamatorium Industries Wants You!


(Tauri Padecain) #1

Hello all, Dreamatorium Industries is seeking PVPers, ratters, builders, miners, and jacks of all trades. We are a member of FUBAR, an alliance that is part of Phoenix Federation. Our goal is simple: allow our members to make as much money as they can doing the activities they love. Alpha clones are welcome. We are newbro friendly, just be ready to learn.

What we offer:

  • Safe space to rat
  • Citadels to build
  • Coalition and Alliance PVP ops
  • Ore and PI buyback
  • Access to excellent mining systems
  • Logistics chain

What we expect:

  • Be social! Hang out of comms!
  • Be willing to participate

Contact Tauri Padecain ingame
Fly safe o7