Dreddit is recruiting! No Skillpoint requirements! Be part of us!


Dreddit Is Recuiting

Dreddit is the largest and founding corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore , created by fellow members of the Reddit community. We are a very laid back but tight knit group of veteran and new players alike.

Dreddit as a corp aims to be a social place to meet, talk, fly, and generally have a good time with some of the best pilots in the game. Our focus is on PvP, whether that be solo hunting, small gang fleet fights, or large scale alliance and coalition level fleets. Dreddit has a little bit of everything for any aspiring player.

Who We Are


What We Offer

Being the largest corporation in TEST, we have a lot to offer our members.

  • A Ship Replacement Program for any Alliance and Corp level Fleet.
  • A program of knowledgeable Mentors that can assist new players in learning the mechanics of EVE in personalized lessons and classes.
  • A system called TEST Free that gives new players free ships, items, skillbooks, implants, and so much more to play around with and welp learn to fly with.
  • Skillplans to help get new players started with initial skill training.
  • An enviroment that encourages anyone to learn how to FC and run fleets of their own, with SRP authorized for those fleets.
  • A awesome Corporation and Alliance community with an great Discord Server, not only about EVE.
  • and a lot more! Be part of us. Be part of it!

Our Requirements

Dreddit single requirement is, since Reddit is the source of our culture, to have or create a Reddit Account. Thats it!

How do I join?

Go ahead and follow this link here to read up on exactly how to join. If you have any questions, or just want to hang out, join our Discord . We also have an in game recruitment channel aptly named Dreddit Recruitment.

If you would like to contact a recruiter directly you can DM me here, on reddit, discord, or ingame at the following:
Ingame: Jedir Shepard
Reddit: JedirShepard
Discord: Jedir Shepard#1701

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We are looking forward to hear from you!

Dreddit is recruiting!

Dreddit is still recruiting!

Still recruiting! And now in Caldari Faction Warfare!

is Dreddit recruiting?

Maybe, you should check it out!

isaa good time

We are indeed recruiting.

Dreddit is stil recruiting. Dreddit needs YOU!

Dreddit is looking for active players. Even if you just started your journey! Be part of our great community!

Our mentorship program will help any new players into becoming what they truly want to do with the game.

Apply now or hop into our discord for a chat.

EVE Online - TEST is dead (not really) YouTube

We are still looking for new and old players. Check us out.

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