Dreddit is recruiting!


#Who are/What is Dreddit

Dreddit is a the founding corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST], created by members of the Reddit community. We are laid-back corporation, home to both new and veteran players alike, focused on fostering a tight social group and generally loafing about in nullsec doing whatever strikes our fancy at that particular time. But most of the time we focus on PvP, mainly fleet welps fights which may or may not involve capitals (depending on what our enemies bring and/or how drunk the FC is at any given moment)
As a corp Dreddit aims to be a social place to meet, talk, fly and generally have a good time with other people from within or outside the larger EVE community.

Dreddit, as a corp, only has low activity requirements and does not demand much of it’s members other then actively participating in daily life in the alliance, be that on forums/jabber/discord or in-game. Although everyone is highly encouraged to follow alliance directives in terms of ships to be training in to or places to be, after all we got to defend our space somehow.

#Sounds neat, how do I join?
Now before you get all excited and apply to Dreddit in game please read up on the procedures for joining and our minimum requirements (and yes, we do have them)
Dreddit is open to all Reddit users who have a reasonably active account (and not one that’s brand new), simply link your account during in AUTH.

##FC I don’t have a Reddit account, wat do?
If you don’t have an active Reddit account you can still get in on the condition that:

  • You have at least 15m Skill Points OR
  • You get a recommendation from an active corp member in good standing OR
  • You are a member of a alliance that’s been blue to TEST for longer then 30 days

##If you have any further questions
You can join us in our ingame channel Dreddit Recruitment or, more commonly, in our corporate Discord

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