Dreddit is recruiting! Test Alliance Please Ignore

Looking to join the ranks of one of the most resilient corporations in EVE Online? Look no further than Test Alliance Please Ignore’s flagship corporation!

Who We Are: Established in 2010, we’ve weathered numerous challenges and defeats, emerging stronger each time. Our core values revolve around camaraderie, resilience, and the pursuit of thrilling PvP encounters. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, there’s a place for you within our ranks.

What We Offer:

  • Active player base spanning multiple time zones, with a focus on EU & US prime times.
  • PvP-centric gameplay - From small skirmishes to large-scale fleet battles, we thrive on the adrenaline rush of combat.
  • Experienced and accessible leadership - Our leadership team boasts a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to ensuring that every member has a blast while playing EVE Online. We have plenty of veteran players that are more than willing to help teach newbros!
  • Access to extensive resources and support networks within Test Alliance Please Ignore.
  • Ship Replacement Programs for combat fleets, PLUS blanket SRP for new FCs to learn with!
  • Industrial, exploration, mining, and other PvE resources / space.
  • A robust logistics and freighter network
  • A stocked home system market - no more Jita trips!
  • Alliance Moons ripe for the mining
  • Well established alliance infrastructure to support you
  • FC training and mentoring, by our skilled Fleet Commanders
  • Specialized squads and interest groups
  • Most importantly, a solid, open community that forms the heart and soul of our corporation. From lively in-game banter to out-of-game social events, we foster a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the virtual battlefield.

We Require

  • Mumble and Discord.
  • A good attitude, no toxic players.
  • A willingness to PvP, we can teach the rest. We’ve had days old newbros change the outcomes of large battles
  • ESI / Auth

Website - https://dredditisrecruiting.com/

How to join Joining Dreddit [Test Wiki Please Ignore]

  • We no longer require a Reddit account to join!

Questions? Join the discord! discord.gg/dredditisrecruiting

We are recruiting corporations as well, feel free to hit me up directly in game, or on discord: @naliao





Just came to say that they are a good group of dudes whose local spam is unmatched!


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Dreddit and TEST are the only null groups I’ve ever played with, and it’s been a blast. Back when I joined in ~2011 I was enamored with the sandbox and spent my first day in fleet with them fighting drakes and tackling tengus. People donated half a billion in cute newbro funding to me and I’d say some of those relationships were very formative for me.

I can’t imagine a more welcoming and fun group to play with, they’ve been a blast and a lot of friends have joined and stuck with EVE principally because of leadership here. Whether you’re interested in exploring industry, mining, explo, FW or just elite pvp there are mentors here with a wealth of knowledge interested in helping you learn the game, and I think we owe a lot of our staying power to them.

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I’ve been flying with Test for a few years. Dreddit is a great group of nerds, alot of fun to fly with. We are a PVP focused group with alot of old and very experienced players who are willing to guide both new and returning people.
Come fly with us!


Check out our newest recruitment video!

check out one of our oldest! https://youtu.be/96b7Jk5xCTQ

dunks to be had this weekend!

friday night fights are on boys

Just dunked SRS, yall are welcome for the safe highsec, at least for 2 weeks

rumble in f4r, 3200 pilots, you could be 3201!

I have never been a member but I have worked with these guys on multiple ops and value their expertise and professionalism.


a full page of zkill + some today, boy howdy

I’ve flown with TEST for 3 months now as my first dive into the NullSec lifestyle.

Joining these people has been an incredible boon to my enjoyment of the game, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to try a wide range of activities both internally in TEST and with WinterCo fleets in a very short time.

TEST might not be the behemoth it used to be, but still has teeth to bare when it matters. The smaller size right now allows everyone to be a lot more laid back, and you can integrate yourself a lot more with a core community. It’s a great time to link up and get established!

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve laughed a lot and I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.



Marie has somehow managed to achieve top spot on our KB in the last week with approximately 250 kills which I think is pretty notable for a new(ish) member.

Has blanket SRP been explained? Never treat space like a job when you’re in TEST (if you don’t want to). Dive on the enemy to your heart’s content. Burn rifters like it’s going out of style.

Enjoy salvaging? Join Dreddit and learn the art of ‘Aggressive Salvaging’ with PvP! http://dredditisrecruiting.com/

Tired of not having a girlfriend? tired of not being in a good corp? I cant help with the first one. http://dredditisrecruiting.com/

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Believe it or not, Dreddit is still recruiting! :open_mouth:

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