Dreddit is recruiting! Test Alliance Please Ignore


Everybody is so chill I love it here

plans this weekend? why yes, Shooting other nerds

Its Friday night boys, are you having fun?

hell of a rumble in ahbazon, almost 5k pilots!

chads join dreddit

i joined, therefore, i am. or something

blops weekend innit

nothing better than hazing brave lol

I was told to post in here or the beatings would continue

Live Die SRP Repeat

how has the new video not been posted yet??


I joined test as a bright eyed newbro in 2016 and found a group of lifelong friends to go with it. good people all around, both in leadership and at the ground level.

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The most fun I’ve had in EVE has been in the last couple of months with TEST.

Best bunch of bros i’ve known in all of gaming

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Not been in long at all, but they’ve been extremely helpful with everything and definitely going to enjoy my time here!

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Last I’ve heard, Recruitment is still open!

I was told to post in here or the beatings would continue.

Please go easy for the next couple of hours since I posted.

New expansion is the perfect time to jump into null

bumpedy bump