Dreddit is recruiting! Test Alliance Please Ignore


Bumping so beating can stop…

Love Dreddit come Join and enjoy the game with friends

Bumpity Bump.

Bumped so I get more #s in fleet.

We are a highly inclusive group of internet spaceship enjoyers that welcome everyone with open arms, regardless of differences – even if you have tiny bones.

Hey YOU. Yeah, you. This is the second time you’ve clicked on the thread this week. Stop procrastinating and join us!
Join the Discord and apply today!

All players and corporations welcome. Apply today!

If you’re unsure whether or not we’re still recruiting, here’s a handy website for you -
Is Dreddit Recruiting?

If you enjoy making money and shooting things, we’ve got you covered!

We are still recruiting!

i like dreddit hes a pretty cool guy and doesnt afraid of anything :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Recruitment is open!

Never sweat the loss of a PVP ship again. Apply for SRP today!


Definitely an excellent choice for those who want to approach the null-sec reality.
Under the Winter Coalition, with its own null-sec systems, the dreddit corporation has distinguished itself in multiple battles. Corporates are kind people who know how to help players with all types of experience!

Come claim your own little piece of nullsec that you can call home and be a part of the Golden Age of TEST!

We are still recruiting. Join us!