Drifter wormhole scanning, 60 permanent connections, one System, Join our initiative! NS/LS/HS/C1-C2-C3-C4-C5-C6

Explorers From New Eden, Greetings!

I’m excited to announce we are recruiting scanners to start a new mapping initiative in the drifter system Barbican (J110145) .
This is One of the five drifter systems, it offers 90 connections daily.
They last last 16 hours,
The system also boasts c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 statics.
This massive network of connections spans the entire galaxy, and is open to all, at all times.

We want to connect all regions of New Eden.

Our corp activities

  • Peacefully and consistently scan Barbican,
  • Compile and Chart all available connections in System,
  • Offer the connection info and bookmarks to New Eden.

To execute Our mission, scan unidentified wormholes,
The only requirements we have are :

  • Characters aged 60 days or older.
  • All probe scanning skills trained to III.
  • Ability to use a cloaking device and probing capable ship.
  • A commitment to non-aggression and ethical conduct.

Our Daily bread the 6 sigs with a - at the top are the statics.
In game, you can mail me, join “Nexus Observatory” channel or
Join our Discord server for more information.


We are still recruiting, but you are also welcome to Hang out on Discord (link) and the in-game channel “Nexus Observatory”

If i understand the rules correctly Posting again now would be acceptable, since it’s the next day?
Let me know if i missed something, thanks !

Today is the 28th and we are still recruiting!
i was expecting the tool to be up but there’s some delay.

Today’s a new day in Barbican, and we’re still recruiting !

Changed the post to make it shorter and clearer, since we’re still recruiting.
People have shown mild interest in the idea but none have been interested enough to join or participate yet, you could be the first, shoot me an eve mail!

first of may, still recruiting!
today i met some nice peeps in two different difter systems, surprisingly from the same alliance.
07 to you guys !

Another day another holler! we’re still recruiting.
If you’re a newbean dont be afraid to come and have a chat !

phew, where does time fly huh?
new day and a good conversation has been had !

Unless I am missing something from the advert, what is in it for pilots joining up with this initiative?

since we’re giving the info away there isnt much to be gained for the individual pilot.

If we get to the point where we’re geting a monthly payroll from tips or potentially a subscription for some sort of premium potential service we could redistribute that.

monetizing or comercializing a public good is hard to do.

i look at this project as the unlocking of something that has a massive barrier to entry.
past a certain scale, the friction mostly disapears and the workload relents greatly.
Leaving pilots free to explore statics, nullsec or lowsec.

Didn’t play in a long while looking for a new wormhole. Scanning is my bread and butter. Non-agression sounds fine aswell.

Thank you for your interest Sir Helios!
if you’d like we could have a chat on discord :

or in eve : “Nexus Observatory”

Talk to you soon o7

May the fourth, today’s saturday, anyone on a weekend long gaming session ?
i’m here if you have questions!

Today is may the 5th, sunday, many great people and talks have been had, anyone else interested?

Case of the mondays, anyone? dont let it distract you and apply today !

Just Because it’s tuesday, doesnt mean we’re not recruiting, come hop in the discord and let’s have a chat!

It is a fresh day in barbican, we’re still recruiting, come join us in the discord ! the tool launched today.

Seen a fleet of peeps from Big Group#2564 hanging in barbican yesterday, nice break from the monotone hum of the sun :slight_smile:
we’re still recruiting btw!

Today’s Friday ! even if you’re not here to be a recruit, we’ll have bookmarks in the public folder for your roaming needs !
Red dots on the map are the Jove observatories, you could be going there in 5 jumps or less tonight !

Courtesy of Fuzzwork

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