Drifter wormhole scanning, 60 permanent connections, one System, Join our initiative! NS/LS/HS/C1-C2-C3-C4-C5-C6

Saturday rolled around and someone made me realize this might need some explainations so here we are, i’ll make a better and improved one when i can . we’re still recruiting btw !

Sunday, where will Barbican lead us today ?
Maybe to you? Fancy, we’re recruiting !

Case of the mondays anyone? We’re stil recruiting

[Puts on Tuesday Recruitment cap] Anyone interested?

On the third day of the week, we’re still looking for help !

Another Day in eve ! We’re still recruting 07

It is Friday ! WHOOO (come on in ! )

Oh WOohoHOH! For a Sunday in Barbican ! ♪♫
Come and hang out !

Ah Yes, Good Ole’ Sunny Sunday, Wana take a daytrip in Barbican? we’re waiting !

Monday’s the best day for recruting, right?

I’m curious why not do something like thera and have a public channel that people join and keep updated, less work for everyone involved.

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Thera has stations and residents, content and Isk faucets, but the public bookmarks are maintained by a robust group of restricted people within a corp for every user’s safety.
Participative framework are subject to abuse now and have been in the past.

People just drive through Drifter wormholes no other reason to stop there.
There are limitations placed on such a project, even for One system.
An InGameChannel is one of them, Bookmarks placement, proper positioning, Scanning hands to name a few.
For now we’re working on the scanning hands.

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Tuesday, a good day to scan and remind you we’re still looking for explorers !

we’re the twenty second today and we’re still looking for Explorers!