Drone agro

Is cap transmiter similar to the warp scram or webifier against rats?

what do you mean?
cap transmitter? what do you mean?
you mean remote cap transfer?
or you are talking about nosferatus?

any class of Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter, used in double ship same fit like VNI OR RATLE OR DOMI

ok but then i don’t understand your question, since the title of your post is “drone agro”. What is the link with remote cap transfer? and with scrams/webs?

I read some post on reddit where someone wrote that warp scram is used for rat agro to ship not drones, and someone else on same website that same function has that type of Transmitter to take agro from rats.
So I would like to know ideas from other players.

To be honest i have seen many hypotheses about why your drones take aggro or not, but I could never have any evidence that one is true.
While ratting in VNI (before nerf), sometimes my drones took aggro in every site, whereas the day after i could rat in several sites with all my drones ok
Some people even gave the advice to leave ship in space and board again, to reset drone aggro…

My Corp mates told me same, just Dock for reset agro. So I asked elsewhere, Rattle fits with remote cap transmiters takes agro from rats in wh, so I looking for some experiences for null or hisec( if algorithm is same for rats in other type of universe like in wh.

About that title, which should be rat agro (sorry for that), I use new phone work with phone dictionary, I failed with integration my old word storage.
I mean to use drones for dmg and instead of warp scram or webifier I would like to use cap transmiters due to not be limited by range of ewar modules.

Okay… I am going to go on a limb and assume the OP is asking how to make the drones a “lower priority” target for the NPCs.

If so… all that is needed is a Target Painter.

Any form of “offensive” Electronic Warfare will rate the player as a bigger threat. However, this is not guaranteed.
I know that remote repairing and other forms of assistance are also considered “high threat” to the NPCs, but as with Electronic Warfare it is not guaranteed.

Try to keep your drones close (< 15km). Whenever the NPCs target the drones, pull them in. This will reset aggro.

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