Drone bay animations

It would be cool to see an animation when launching and calling back drones. Such as a little drone bay door on the ship opening and the drones flying out when launching them.

Good idea?

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A few reasons why I’m against the idea on the basis of being excessive:

  1. Because of how far off we’re zoomed out most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to the animation
  2. 99.99% of the time, the drones are so small you can’t see them anyway
  3. Only people with high-end graphical settings would (barely if at all) be able to appreciate this

I think it’s just one of the many small things that could contribute to the realism factor of this game is all.

Even if not coming out of a drone door, at least something like them coming from the ship instead of just appearing in space around you

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Also an animation for going into a station too. Like actually docking into one of it’s docking bays rather than your ship just disappearing

If there is an animation for them flying out the ship, it means that rather than appearing and being immediately ready for use they will be slower…

Let’s not make everyones experience with drones more cumbersome for the sake of a pretty animation barely anyone will appreciate.

Same with docking.

Although I’m against this on the basis of it simply not being visible 99% of the time for 99% for players, I do want to point out that this might not necessarily be the case. Look at what happens with missiles: the animation is “slower” than the actual missile movement itself. I would imagine something similar would happen with the drones - they might end up visually accelerating to where they would be if this feature would not be implemented after a few seconds.

Except i want to be able to lock drones using ctrl-click or ctrl-drag. If they aren’t where they are displayed, that’s a problem.

It is possible for the space bracket to (temporarily, for few seconds) be dissociated from the drone visual model (which generally is not visible anyway except at extremely close zoom levels on the drones themselves). Basically no one would notice the difference. Even if your camera were centered on your shoot close and your drones were orbiting on your ship, you wouldn’t be able to discern their shapes much beyond space dust.

It’s also worth noticing that because drones move so fast, Many (most?) people prefer to target drones via the overview than clicking them in space.

Just giving credit where credit is due - again, I come from the “No” camp on this.

Is that what the op’s asking for though? The models only? or the brackets and everything with it?

Drones do move fast, and i have a drone over view. however, still situations where clicking on brackets works without the need to switch tabs. Like, you cannot target your own ship, so you want to target all the drones attacking your ship? Ctrl-drag!

I don’t think OP considered the consequence of the drone-bay animation with the space brackets as you pointed out. What I stated was a possible solution if such a feature were to be implemented.

On a related note: I am not sure if the visual models of the ships actually have drone bays on them. If not, they would have to be updated to not only have them but update their geometries to make them openable and whatnot. This is going to take a lot of manpower that could be redirected to more meaningful efforts IMO.

They’ve been adding them for a while.

Look for small looking hangars/holes on the ships hull covered by a ‘force field’ kinda thing.

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Ohhhh that’s what those things are!

I’m assuming so.

It would be good to get some kind of clarification as to what exactly those holes with force field like things over them actually are. I’ve always wondered. It would be good if they’re actually drone bays.


Ah! So they are drone bays!
It would be excellent if that actually did happen. Just anything apart from the drones just appearing in space around you to up the realism.

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