Drones skins

i would love to see drones skins. as an example maybe a drone skin with googly eyes that had actual animation to it… new paint jobs and other random additions. Maybe even sound effects and drone speak with inclinations indicating various moods and random beeps like they are thinking or humming to themselves while they perform their various roles and duties.

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All these years playing and I have to say if I have seen a drone that close it was an accidental click to be sure.

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CCP has a long and justified history of doing everything possible to minimize the impact of drones on the server. There are people who seriously advocate for the removal of the visual models of drones from the game entirely.

While a googly-eyed drone may be fun to look at while you’re quietly mining alone in an empty system, in a massive fleet fight those same googly-eyed drones could well bring the servers to a halt.

-1. There are far better things for the graphics team to spend their efforts on.

no, no, no. they are churning out ship skins at what seems like one a day, its getting a joke so no drone skins… and besides you would never see them

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