Drone only ship type?

What if we made a drone only battleship, something like

High slots: 4 (0 turrets, 0 missle slots), 6 mid slots, 7 low slots, 2 rig

Bandwidth: 125

Bonus per lvl:
20% damage, ehp to drones
10% drone speed

Role bonus:
100% drone track speed

Have you heard of a Dominix?


Only been solely flying it and min/maxing it for 3 years. What’s it like?

Better than the ship you are proposing, as far as I can tell.

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Just use a Domi.

The maximum effective* dps you can reach witha domi without the use of guns is 786. And to do that you need to sacrifice a lot of tank. This fixes that. The track speed for this reduces the need fire omni’s, and the 100% drone speed, negates the need for nav comps. It’s 100% more effective drone boat.

I’ve been for 3 years. I want an upgrade.

Then use a Faction/Navy ship. You aren’t going to get a ship that does what you want exactly.

That’s a lateral change. Same as a rattlesnake. That’s why I’m here, to suggest a t2 upgrade to the only proper drone boat battleship.

You are asking ‘Please give me a perfect missioning battleship for exactly my purposes’.
CCP don’t do changes based on selfish aims, they do them based on a serious lack in the ship lineup. Drone ships exist, drones are the primary weapon on them, the secondary turrets/missiles are not a game breaker.

There’s a serious lack of drone boats. Name a single other battleship that could be considered optimal without the use of guns and missles. Sure, it’s selfish to want a better boat, but I’m almost certain out of all the players in eve, I’m not the only 1 who wants to get a t2 version of the domi that isn’t as poorly done of the dni (making guns a primary focus) or selling out our drones to make a missle ship like the rattlesnake.

Shield tank it, more DPS

Wouldn’t make a difference and actually weakens it in most cases.

And I want people to stop proposing terrible ideas that only suit their personal gameplay without a single thought to the rest of the game’s ecosystem. But we can’t all get what we want.


If you want to bring up the ecosystem, explain why a proper t2 drone boat would harm it. Maximum effective dps for it would still be lower than a t1 standard ship at ~11xx, there’d still be drone travel time, they’d still be a 1 trick pony and have the same weaknesses, so what exactly is the issue? Sniping would be almost as good as a nightmare?

You’re still looking for a carrier.


If I had to make an educated guess why CCP wouldn’t want a more powerful drone boat could be summed up in 2 words

Drone bunny.

You could ship up to a carrier. Or even a supercarrier. Now those are drone ships, and an upgrade from a battleship.

Dominix is a drone ship too, but in case you’re looking for an upgrade, there are options!

Let’s take for example the Megathron, it’s a t1 ship, when you outgrow it, you can move up to a vindi or a kronos.

Getting into an apocolypse? You can upgrade to a paladin.

A typhoon? Rattlesnake.

All battleship upgrades.

What you’re saying is:
If I want to upgrade from a domi, I have to change ship sizes. And go from 600dps, to 12k dps. And go froma ship price of 400m to a ship price of 20b…if they’re even that cheap.

What you’re saying is moronic.

Counter point. Any other type of coordinated fleet…or multi box.