Drone only ship type?

No. I’m looking for a t2 drone boat battleship. Please understand the difference.

Completely whiffed by the point but ok.

Dominix? Rattlesnake.

The Rattlesnake is as much a drone ship as it is a missile ship. As such, the Rattlesnake is as much an upgrade to the Typhoon as it is an upgrade to the Dominix.

Now go get a Rattlesnake.

Drone marauder sounds cool maybe. A guristas marauder that gets a role bonus that doubles drone dps while in bastion would be sick.

Oh. That’s a Sin.


indeed, that is greed.


It’s not a sin, sinalters back to use of guns and cloak, it’s a good ship, but doesn’t do what a drone boat should be doing

Confession through projection…

As long as assign drones is a thing you aren’t getting any more powerful drone ships

I mean let’s be real, you are going to ignore it anyway as it doesn’t match up with your desires.

You are still relatively new here, but as an example, the Ishtar used to be better than it is now. it got nerfed awhile back. One of the fleet meta’s ended up being ishtars. All of the ishtars could drop their sentry drones, and assign them to the FC. Then all they had to do was pilot to stay alive and the FC had the full fleet power in one button.

Which do you think was more powerful in a fleet fight, especially under TIDI?

  1. As you put it:

Or one where the FC didn’t have to coordinate anything, they could just click attack and every drone fired simultaneously?

And yea I was sad the Ishtar was nerfed for me due to fleet dynamics. The reality however is as long as that feature is in the game CCP is not going to make another balance mistake by building a drone only boat with the DPS of say, most T2 battleships.

That actually makes a lot of sense, as a solo player I don’t usually care about what goes on in a fleet. Seems like a colossal waste of players to use them to carry sub optional weaponry, and still wouldn’t be as effective as having a coordinated strike force that can just use their ui better…but I can see your point.

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