Drone window vanishes

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #1

With ec-300s deployed I am finally able to warp away from a scram, but when I go, my drones are left behind (as expected). But once I’m out of range, away goes the drone window…so I cannot easily reconnect.

Yes, there’s an unbound key for this as a work-around, but the drone window should probably stick around on any ship with a drone bay.

(Krima Sumyungi) #2

Right click capacitor > reconnect to lost drones.

(MacGregor Ortis) #3

No. Window is only for conected drones to ship control system. When you left them, they become to far from host and stop/shutdown.

You can use mentioned comand to reconect them when in range.

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #4

I didn’t know about that, thanks!