Dronelands Data sites nerf - bug or intended?

There is a nerf of spawn / level of data sites in Drone Lands after the EoM event?
Since the EOM event the Drone Lands exploration has taken a big dive:

  1. from 40-50 systems with anomalies in them i found only 2-3-4 data sites (almost 2-3 hours of scanning) containg only 20-30 mils in total.
  2. Most of the data sites are lvl 1 with a rare lvl 2
  3. The times i explore are various: 6-8 Eve Time, 13-15 Eve time even 20-22 eve time… no change
  4. roaming through diferent regions every time, the spawn / loot is almost the same.

This seems consistent with the EoM event spawn rates for normal data sites. It might be a bug where when “reverting” to normal play CCP forgot to activate the old spawn rate.