Drones are killing my will to play this game

it was 130% irony.

Sad the OP rage quit.
He needed to train drone durability and probably the other half dozen drone skills he did not have.

Realizing that drones are ammo and you should expect to loose some would has suggested and was good advice.

Hopefully someone else with the same questions will find this thread.

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You can’t run l4’s as an alpha anymore, but you can run incursions. better money and a F-ton on concord lp. You probably won’t even see this since it appears you bailed already, but that same battleship you wanted to grind l4s in can do so much more. Warp2me incursions is easy to get into with no commitment whatsoever, and it’s alpha friendly. o7

I thought alphas could not accept a level4 mission for themselves, but that if someone else accepted it, the alpha could do the mission itself…is that the case?

I also thought incursions had been nerfed fairly badly with the latest release…

incursions are fine. Whoever accepts the mission has to turn it in, but can split the reward with their fleet.

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Fewer spawns but the incursions themselves have not changed.

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Dear OP,

I don’t know if you still follow this post but I may be able to help you a bit here.

First: Who am I to be able to speak with any authority on this matter? - I’m a member of a group that trains Newbros from day one so that they never get to the level of frustration you are obviously experiencing here. I’m not going to say more because recruitment and advertising is not allowed in this section of the forums.
Second: My main char is Gallente-born and I build drones for a living. I tend to know a thing or two about them and the ships that use them as their main weapon systems.

Without even knowing your skill levels I have to say that even though some of the previous posters in this thread may have said it in a kinder way, they were most probably right: You are lacking quite a few skills to use drones to their full effect. You should remember that drones are a weapon system type like Missiles or Hybrid Guns and the different size classes are roughly equivalent to the “small”, “medium”, and “large” gun weapon systems. And so are the total skill point requirements you need to invest to become really good at using them.

On the other hand, a battlecruiser like the Myrmidon is an excellent choice of ship to use for level 3 Missions and it can fly them comfortably, even if you are an Alpha Clone. You just need to know how.
You already made the experience that some NPCs will aggress and kill your drones quickly. That is a problem you can never completely eliminate but at least alleviate.

First of all, your Myrmidon is tanky. Keep your drones in the bay until the NPCs have red-boxed you. Call your drones back in between NPC waves or if they start getting undue attention until the NPCs red-box you again.
Second, take care of these pesky frigates yourself. Many of the smallest NPC ships are also the most dangerous to your drones, and also cluttering your overview. Web them and shoot them. Yes, one by one. That is why you have guns on a Myrm.
Third, use the light drones only if your really have to because they are so very squishy. Some frigate NPCs don’t come close enough for your webber, like target painters or healers. But you should launch the light flight only after you reduced the damage dealing frig NPC numbers quite a bit already.
Fourth, in most situations, one class above will still hit well enough - especially with a tracking module installed. so medium drones will kill frigate NPCs well and heavy drones cruiser class NPCs. Keep that in mind. That is why ratters out in null don’t bother using anything but heavy drones at all. They one-shot frigates despite the size class differences is your ship is fit correctly.

Below you find a very cheap, pure meta and alpha-friendly Myrmidon fit that should be able to run most if not all level 3 missions without problems.
I chose Caldari drones because of their high shield hit point pool. If the medium set gets under fire, pull it in and send the heavy set out, even vs smaller ships. And vice versa. They regenerate fast in your bay and it’s not the end of the world if you see some red in armor. Caldari drones have almost three times as much shield compared to armor.

Depending on your skills, upgrade to tech 2 what you can.

[Myrmidon, Lvl 3 Runner]

IFFA Compact Damage Control
Prototype Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
N-JM Compact Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier

50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Medium Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Drone Navigation Computer I

220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Phased Plasma M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Phased Plasma M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Phased Plasma M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Phased Plasma M
Drone Link Augmentor I

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Hornet I x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Vespa I x5
Wasp I x4

Mobile Tractor Unit x1

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Just one point of order, Alpha clone status cannot use salvage drones. Its kind of why if you want to seriously salvage on Alpha best to just bookmark and come back with the old fashioned salvage dessie to the ball of wrecks around your MTU.

I stand corrected. Then I would probably skip the flight of light drones all together and take a second one of mediums instead.