Drones - Internet Connection Problems [New Feature]

I would like CCP to develop a feature that would help mitigate the drone losses in PVE because of internet connection lost.

I recommend the following Feature: - Be able to select an option in the menu that prevents your ship from warping to safety before your drones have returned to the drone bay in case of a connection lost.

I know this can be adouble-edged sword, but I like to use drones and I do not like losing 5x125M drones (‘Augmented’ Praetor) due to my unstable internet connection.


I don’t know if this is a good option…

But I’m also tired of losing drones due to connection problems…

Can’t you submit a support ticket to CCP requesting your drones back…

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What do you think about using cheaper drones?

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they already return, im the king of connection issues being in Africa. when I dc and my drones are in a certain range, I long back on to them in my drone bay just fine.

also use cheaper drones if your worried about losing them.

don’t fly what you cant afford to lose ~ eve saying

Relying on drones when you have a unstable connection is problematic.

Especially in the case of heavy and sentry drones.
Heavy’s are very slow to return and sentry’s need to be within reach.
You most likely will lose them if they are too far from your ship and you lose your internet connection.

The worst thing for me is losing my drones when I am rating in deep low sec or wormholes. Or anywhere the market is too far away or too expensive.

If your internet connection is unstable, I recommend avoiding augmented drones because replacing them is too expensive.

I think the bigger question is, why does the game lose connection so much more readily these days? I never saw ‘socket closed’ once, before about 2014. I could login to the game in the morning and would never lose connection, ever. I’ve used the same ISP for nearly 10 years and I’m in the western US; now I see socket closed at least once a day, every day.

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