Dropbears Anonymous: Hello, We Are Here For Love

“What is culture and why does it matter? Out of all the things I could possibly write about, culture is the most important. Culture is what binds a group of people together. Culture is shared inside jokes, memes, habits, and understanding. Culture is drinking songs, mutual understanding, and a warped perspective of the world that is shared among its adherents. Culture is what creates patriotism, revolution, and video game space butt pirate corporations.”

-a DAMN PATRIOT (Supreme Godking and Eternal Leader, Dropbears Anonymous)

If you were to ask me why you should apply to Dropbears Anonymous (BAERS), the answer might surprise you. It isn’t the fights, the infrastructure, or the dank Isk to be made in wormhole space. It’s our culture, the close brotherhood that has developed over months and years of playing together. Becoming a Dropbear means becoming part of a family, one that you can count on when things gets tough, and in wormhole space you’d better believe that it will.

So what exactly is Dropbear culture?

  • First and foremost, we are a brotherhood. When we’re logged in, it’s all about talking trash and busting balls in TeamSpeak while scanning down the chain and looking for glorious content. We back each other up and learn from each victory and defeat.
  • Everyone pulls their own weight, there are no free rides here. We rely on each member to do their part in scanning, rolling, hunting and logistics. Nothing in a wormhole happens automatically, so put in the work, and share in the battles and rewards.
  • We’re only as strong as our weakest member. We are newbro friendly to an extent (more on this below), and you don’t need to have w-space experience to apply. There is a huge pool of knowledge to draw from in the corporation, but you need to be ready to learn and able to do some level of independent research.
  • We live for the fight. More than anything, we are a PvP corp. If you prefer to mine or dock up when someone comes knocking, this is not the place for you.

What can we offer you?

  • A home in Dropbox, a Class 2 wormhole with a nullsec and C5 static.
  • TeamSpeak, Discord and Fleet-Up access.
  • More BLOPS than you can (or should) shake a stick at.
  • Subreddit/wiki access for memes, guides, or odd combinations of the two.
  • Scout a kill, get the loot.
  • Opportunities to FC/learn to FC in coherent doctrines.
  • A dubtrack channel that will only rarely cause your ears to bleed.

What are we looking for?

We are currently looking for active members that are willing to take hunt for content, learn quickly and not be a complete douche.

  • We want people that are ready to challenge the harshest living conditions in one of the toughest games around.
  • We want people who don’t settle for less, who want to learn and grow as a member and player.
  • We want people who are willing to pass on their knowledge and skills to incoming players and continue to strengthen the corporation.

Are there minimum requirements?

  • Meet our Stage 0 skillplan. Not there yet? Chat with us and we’ll get you on track.
  • Some level of PvP experience. Whether it’s NPSI fleets, null roams or faction warfare, you need to be familiar with and enjoy PvP.
  • A good attitude and a willingness to learn.

That’s all there is to it! If you want to fly and fight with a fun group of guys that will have your back no matter what happens, come have a chat with us. Join our in-game channel “Dropbears Anonymous” or ask for a recruiter in our public Discord channel.

I remember Nova.

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Dropbears Anonymous: We are still here for love, and still recruiting!

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