Dryson Bennington - High Sec Criminal

I hereby declare @DrysonBennington to be a high sec criminal.

As he dares to remain in highsec, and followed me to my perch in Osmon, I have slaughtered a Golem right in front of Dryson, who watched helplessly and was utterly unable to pipebomb the gankers out of existence. I will continue to dunk miners in front of Dryson until he bends the knee and hails the mighty glory of James 315’s NEW ORDER!


What’s that? That’s right, I also cut down this Vindicator - RIGHT IN FRONT OF DRYSON, WHO DID NOTHING WHATSOEVER AND UTTERLY FAILED TO STOP ME.


Why is he the criminal …
… when you are doing the killing?

@Aiko_Danuja the RP is getting old already.

@Aiko_Danuja you need better pretext for posting KMs. At least provide evidence he was there and is affected by this (STARKKKKK), otherwise this is weak sauce for RP. You can do better. Jame 315 supposedly isn’t going to blog anymore, but feel free to start your own blog:

Bump in the Night: Diary of a CODE Princess :point_right::ok_hand::sweat_drops:

You don’t need to do this. Just rehabilitate the blog.

He was there, ask him yourself, I don’t need a screenshot to prove he was there. The mere fact I said he was there, is itself proof of his failed presence. Indeed, the angry tears of the miners who protest this post, is additional proof of his impotent role.


He is the criminal, because he dared to gaze upon my perch, and these miners were put out of their misery to teach him a lesson about the futility of defying me. Should Dryson ever dare to gaze upon me again, then more miners will pay for his sin.


Compelling testimony. I hereby declare Dyson Bennington as naysayer and outlaw. He shall be dealt with.


Who is Dryson Bennington?


I would call the Court of Crime and Punishment into session, but the panel of judges appears to have retired.

As the self appointed clerk of the court I instead call for nominees in order to form a new panel. Nominees both community and self appointed are valid candidates.

I will not be nominating myself.

et ludos inchoare

Were you nailed to that perch by any chance?


Nah Aiko is pining for the fjords.

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