An Invite to Dryson Bennington

Its obvious that Dryson lacks High Sec PvP skills. Sure Cane the Crayon took out my ship. But what do you expect in a Tier 2 vs Tier 1, non-faction ship?

Come to High Sec sometime Dryson and PvP. Sure I have lost some ships, defeated some and been part of kills in a fleet.

The difference is, the ships I PvP against actually have the ability to fight back and actually do fight back. In fact, they fight alongside CONCORD, faction police, gate guns, and antigwankers (not that those ever do anything).

Tootles and Noodles Fruit Salad.


Charon | Pricila Wurzbein | Killmail | zKillboard

Youre funny xD

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Wow, I killed an entire fleet.

With all those ships, they obviously tried to fight back.

Actually that was an epic battle and extreme bravery by AIko in her little catalyst as she took down the mighty Charon, armed with just her slingshot, thong and light neutron blasters, charging into battle screaming “Tootles and Noodles Fruit Salad”

Danuja v Goliath



I fear safety’s safety officer is not doing risk assessments properly a thong is not suitable attire. I hope you had suitable boots on.

Wait, you guys are wearing clothes inside your pods?

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:eyes: :camera_flash: naked?

No, but always bring along Rambo just in case.

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Dryson had invited you to come visit lowsec first!

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