Tainted Vs Yaosus

I want to see a duel

@Yaosus @tainted_demon what say you?

You choose where, when, what ship class.

No logi, no links, no help, no asking others to fight for you (lol)


Yaosus will ask a 5b depot, be a no-show then claim victory?


1B offered to the victor


Am I missing something?


Not sure, I don’t think anything will happen, too much inflated pride and ego here to risk a loss, and Yaosus have an history of squirelling out of the last ‘duel’.

But like why these 2? I’ve not seen either talking?

You need to check the VMG, Vendetta and Marmite threads (yes Marmites, don’t ask)

oh merc forums. should have guessed. Pass :smiley:

You have lost the plot son!

What do you mean?

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