DrysonBennington, Newest shareholder for CODE

@DrysonBennington Is a new shareholder of minerbumping and CODE.

Inspiring news, indeed.


Inb4 forum post about code alts shouls be banned from sending isk to someone on behalf of someone else.


You have made a wise investment, Dryson. Thanks for contributing towards the bright future of highsec! \o/

Congratulations on seeing the light, Dryson!

… full of bots and AFK inspiring and condoning behavior?

That’s really a unique way of creating content!
EDIT: Is that really him? The avatar looks a bit different.

Probably not, but as incompetent as he is, he might have meant to transfer some ISK to an alt, and accidentally sent it to James. Most likely, someone donated in his name…

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Or an involuntary do action in the form of dropped loot. Very popular way to support code.

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