:shuffleparrot: -DSE- are recruiting corporations and players! Be treated the way you deserve!

Yeah I have heard of stories like that but I also know that the permission system is very intricate and can create these loopholes, luckily we have an extremely talented group of tech people and a great understanding of the systems to prevent this.

How long have you guys been operating the TR3 server and have any incidents come up in the past?

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For about 2-3 years and none so far, this was why I asked

Another family member into our -DSE- community! Don’t be shy come for a chat, you will not regret it!

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Hopefully see some of you new recruits at the eve meets that start to happen again soon… Last ones have been a blast join our community and meet some great folks!!

Old recruitment Video I need to update a few details but the core is still correct

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12 hour’s ago I did the shuffle it allowed me to be seen and got some more new members. Loving the recruitment drive again get to speak to soo many people

Wow Working a normal job is tough, I am back in my space job now tough so come hang out and chat about the community that suits you!

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Remember fayn from a few years back in renter space. Good CEO and crew.

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Yup we still want more cool folks to come hang with us