:shuffleparrot: -DSE- are recruiting corporations and players! Be treated the way you deserve!

FAYN Industries

Not Just industrialists

FAYN is more than a corp, it’s a family! We want to build a strong community that can withstand anything that CCP or our enemies chuck at us. We do this by being active on our communication platforms (Ts3 and Discord).

Where are we?

We are living in an NPC region of null-sec with a small sov system holding close by. The region we are in is Outer Ring and our sov is based next region in Fountain.

What do we do?

Despite the name of the corporation (something I created a long time ago) we are not just industrialists. FAYN is an alliance lead who has it’s community spread across a plethora of activities in the game.
We hold some Moons ranging from low to the top end for our mining and income generations, this also helps

What we are looking for

We are looking for active community members who want to add to our multi national community. We want established players, returning players and in some cases newer players. We want PVP pilots, FC’s or even people thinking about leading the alliance combat initiative, corp or individuals. We need industrialists to build ships and components up to and including Capital ships. T2 production Mission runners for ORE, Most activities are wanted not because we have none doing it but more is greater strength.

Join the Family Today!

In game channel is FAYN.Recruits

If you want to join a family hop on in and ask questions, If your corp wants a new home or challenge come on into the alliance, We have one of the best communities around!

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Wow had some great talks today with some awesome people, This community is only getting better! I love this!

Another Day on the Hype train, Come on by the friendliest, most supportive group in New Eden!

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Got some really cool new dudes to go with our current set of cool folks, Keep it coming!

Good morning Capsuleers

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Honestly, I would join but making TS3 mandatory is the only thing preventing me. I’m just not a fan of the software when Discord does it better and I’ve seen some messed up things happen to people because their IP was snagged off of a TS3 server.

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I have had issues with Discord, TS3 works very well for us, one of the issues I have seen is that having multiple people from all over the world connecting to the discord server struggles more than other programs, I am sure there are VPN services you can use to hide IP etc but I haven’t seen any foul play from TS3 users if you could help direct me to some resources I would be greatly appreciative. I take the privacy of our members seriously and this information may help

^^ T T T ^^

Just personal experience running my own TS3 for years, or being a part of other ones. Once or twice we had people make themselves admins without promotion, ban the actual admins, log everyone’s IP address, and start a massive DDOS attack. It was a major pain to get the servers back and Teamspeak was less than helpful. I got a VPN after that incident, but my trust in the company after dealing with them isn’t great.

Yeah I have heard of stories like that but I also know that the permission system is very intricate and can create these loopholes, luckily we have an extremely talented group of tech people and a great understanding of the systems to prevent this.

How long have you guys been operating the TR3 server and have any incidents come up in the past?

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For about 2-3 years and none so far, this was why I asked

Another family member into our -DSE- community! Don’t be shy come for a chat, you will not regret it!

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To the Top baby

Stand with me!

Back up to the top ladies and gentlemen


Hopefully see some of you new recruits at the eve meets that start to happen again soon… Last ones have been a blast join our community and meet some great folks!!