Dual boxing help


When I have 2 clients up which ever one is not the one I’m clicking on slows down. AS soon as I click on the slow client it goes back to full speed and the other one has slow down.
I have a decent rig so I’m guessing its a setting or something I need to find., not sure if its a windows 11 thing or eve thing

any help would be great thx

Your PC prioritizes whichever window is ‘focused’, meaning the one you are currently interacting with. It will reduce resources available to background apps. Multiboxing Eve is actually running the same app multiple times, so the ones in the background slow down. Usually your GPU settings offer some way to control the speed of the background app, but I don’t believe you can make it run full speed all the time. Mine are set to 100 FPS focused, 30 FPS background.

thanks Hazra Ellecon! Found it in Nvidia panel and that seems to have done it :slight_smile:

Glad to help!

That’s perfectly normal PC behaviour for most PCs, and not an Eve thing. It is called resource contention. The GPU will focus resources on the active window. Although you ‘can’ partition a GPU…something called MIG ( multi instance GPU )…you need a sizeable GPU for it, like one of the Nvidia ‘A’ series. But you pay a hefty price ( $7,000 or so ) for the A6000 for example which has 48GB and MIG capability. With Nvidia MIG capability you can effectively make it act like two completely independent 24GB GPUs.

Built in June Y118

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