Dual tanking

As Gizzie Haslack ( my wormhole toon ) I have a killmail on me for a dual tanking Battleship, and not much else…

That’s because I tend to live behind a cloaking device, but…

Dual Tanking. The sin that is.

The initial ship was a Battlecruiser. T1 insured, & out ratting in low. It had a small shield repper and a medium armor repper.

The bulk of my tank was to be armor, but the shield repper was to make sure I always had maximum ehp as I sniped. And it was also about tricking the enemy.

That’s the one that died. Against 4 baddies it was never going to survive, but…

The Proto did survive.

The shields tanked, and when they went down the 2 attacking strats dropped their scrams.

And I used the armor tank to survive a bit longer than, I guess, they expected as I warped out.


I was taught that most EVE players all think the same way, and that that is how you beat them. I may not be a god, but that first ship did survive ( I can only assume that the 2 Strats were also flown by newbs ).

Spreadsheets in space? Or raw math & trickery in space?


Such is life :slight_smile:


Trickery is good I used to do silly things to ppl.

An example my station in curse was camped by 3 arty nados I had an insta made by corp but didn’t trust it worked 100% of the time.
Since I wanted to bleed my campers too I fit an apoc with artillery myself undocked nados shot me I didn’t die I shot 1 back killed it and warped off

Another would be way way back a small gang of covert ships were camping a pipe system belonging to some incompetent alliance I was in.
Knowing that I’d look like some random fool going for the gate I got a PvP harbinger and went in killed a pilgrim arazu and 2 bombers alone their last ship a ceptor simply had to let me go with all his buddies dead

Well you need to work on it by that fit I can tell you don’t understand much about ship fitting

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Ship fitting:

You say that, but said bad-guys did drop their Scrams. Version 1 did live.


I have moved away from Layzors though. Waste of Cap when you can just bring some ammo.

You’ll find most players looking for PvP quite incompetent when you grow up.

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That smells like a deception :stuck_out_tongue:

They didn’t drop their scrams because you had a dual tank. They made an error that was nothing to do with your fitting choice from what I can tell.

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It was that fitting that helped in their error.

what is tanking mean?

The good ones fit for a target, the normies fit for everything. The former requires more time finding a target, and the latter is far more of a gamble.

Example: You want to hunt. You decide you will hunt amarrian ships exclusively, therefore strengthening your tank against EM and TH, maybe combined with a neut.

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■■■■ i be triple tanking dog!!! that s why ccp gave us shield armor AND hull yo… daaa

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I think that’s what the SOCT ships are somewhat good for.

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