Duality also closed?

haven’t been able to connect to duality for 24hrs+
i see singularity is vip only and thus understand why i cant connect to that server.

but why cant i connect to duality?

(its not in vip mode aka its in “event mode” ? - thus it should be connectable…?)

duality is sisi 2.0 thus means closed.

No, Duality isn’t “sisi 2.0,” according to ccp’s website
“Duality differs from Singularity in that it is an event server , meaning that it is focused on organized events like mass tests and playtests coordinated by CCP. Only during these events is Duality available to players, the rest of the time it will be in VIP mode and only CCP developers and ISD BH volunteers will be able to access it. Otherwise Duality works very similarily to Singularity and the database is also mirrored from the Tranquility database (but less frequently).”

You probably could only access it because ccp was doing some big testing for a while, as you aren’t normally able to access it

at that time duality was opened for almost month and it had sotiyo stuff too. it was good while it lasted

that’s unusual, well, that explains why op might’ve thought it was normally open

they open when they need to test with their non-dev accounts. trick is that they dont tell anyone when duality is suddenly opened,they opening duality when they doing masstests but i did hit few times duality was opened even weeks and weeks after masstests,longest time it was open was around month. they keep after masstest usuall 24-72hours then vipmode.

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