Why Singularity in VIP mode

it last several days and i can not connect to it

Literally the next thread in this subforum:


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Because sisi is the test server for devs, that is given access to players when not used by devs.

It’s probably because devs are using it.

A big addition is expected. Apparently its modules are being tested. There are various undesirable consequences from the fact that players will see a new addition before its official release. Players should raise the issue of allocating a small server to test ships. Indeed, recently the test server is closed too often.

If it means new bugs features are tested on sisi before TQ, I’m all for it. This way they can deploy the fix faster after the bug.

Hello. There is a huge request. Please, create a small server for players where we can test ship fits. Several systems, free access to modules and ships, 5 entrances to the abyss and several groups of enemies - that’s all what we need. We are even ready to pay extra for this opportunity.

Singularity is already all of that.

It’s just what programmers call a “staging environment” or “pre-production environment” for CCP as well - an environment that as closely resembles production environment as possible, but may also contain almost ready to use new features, bug fixes and modifications which are getting one final pass of testing before they are pushed to the main production environment.

But for players, Singularity has always been a testing server used to explore features of the game or test fits and fleet doctrines before they are applied on Tranquility - because, as you know, actions in EVE can have hard and costly consequences.

Don’t worry, Singularity will be open as soon as CCP finishes testing whatever they are developing/fixing. VIP mode on singularity only means that they currently need this environment more than players because something big is going to be changed or implemented.

You probably just don’t know. In recent months, players have been faced with the fact that the server is closed, many times. And it closes for a long time. As a result, we can’t test the fit for a valid week. This, you know, is not what we need. Developers can block access to the server at any time, 10 times per month. The warehouse on the server disappears once a month. The character on the server is also regularly erased. It is not comfortable. If next month someone needs to block access for 2 weeks? And then again? And further? And further? It does not seem to me that the test server is so open to players. We need a constantly available tool.

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So, that changed :confused: You’re right, I don’t know. I remember a different environment. Thanks for the heads up.

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Be thankful that CCP gives us a mostly open “test” server to play with fits etc at all. How many other MMO’s give you a live environment to “try before you die” in complete safety.

really? sad thing, rhey taken it away, rumors going around that SiSi will stay permanently in ViP/dev/GM only mode. no more ship testing and no more being thankfull for what you just said =x

OMG please just stop. Every single time It goes into VIP mode for more than like a day people have claimed “it’s going away forever!!!” Literally for years.

And even if they did, they have no contractual obligation to give us access to the test server mostly whenever we want. It is first and formost CCP’s test server for when they need to ya know, test things.

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you do know that the community trusts CCP not longer at all right? (source Jin’taan and hes not a nobody in eve) expecially after ccp falcon left. furthermore is SiSi longer and more often in ViP mode then EVER before. so that rumor is more believeable then your words.

and stop with the argument “its CCP´s server” TQ is CCP´s server aswell and not “our server” like you maybe think.

You don’t have to believe my words. You can believe history. CCP literally posted above that the server was going into VIP mode to test for the upcoming release. And in the last 10 years every time it has done this when they are done it opens back up again.

Unless you have any REAL information about this “rumor” you are just talking out of your @$$.

that isn’t even an argument. When you pay (or play for free) you are paying to play on TQ. There is nothing in the agreement that states CCP has to give us an unlimited test server as well.

Either way, keep feeling that the sky is falling. When SiSi is back up I’ll come back so I can point and laugh again.

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So it’s been down for umm 5 days?

That’s pretty sad.

it gonna stay vip mode for months now… looks like they changed test servers acces policy aka sisi gonna be available only for masstests.,no more open access like before.

Oh really? And you have some actual quote or something to back that up? Or are you just talking out of your @$$ again like you did when SiSi was in VIP mode back in october (which also ended with it coming back out for the public when CCP was done with it).

I think the habit of arguing should not bother us. It’s not that the developers owe us something or don’t have to. We all, I hope, wish to make the game better. In all aspects. And it will be better if the players, perhaps for money or isks, have a small separate server. Regarding other games. I only played a couple of MMO’s, but I noticed that there you need to make very little effort to put on good armor. Moreover, items did not even disappear there after death. And the implants did not disappear. Before starting to test fit on a test server, I lost 20+ billion in the lvl 5 abyss. And you know, I’m tired of it. Now, after a year of playing, I’m not at all sure that I know a really good fit for the lvl 5 abyss. Although the amplification of heavy missiles may have changed something now. I specifically learned Onyx, I’m interested in Ortrus. But I don’t have to lose the result of a month of work for one test. It seems to me that it makes no sense to give players content where they will lose everything and become disappointed in it. Yes, and new ships are introduced. For example, I did not manage to test the new attacking triglavyan cruiser in the abysses. Because the server is regularly closed. This server is needed because it allows the player, the pilot, to really learn how to fly ships. Look, we learn the skill, and get access to the ship. Hypocrisy and lies. The pilot does not know how to fly on a ship, it only game says that he knows him at a high level. There were no trainings. Our head is not a computer, not a pyfa. We must feel the peculiarities of maneuvering on the ship, its capabilities, understand if there are enough opportunities. not imagine in the head but understand. For real purposes, in the right amount. We need to study somewhere about ship.
Although you still need to figure out the wave settings in the abysses on the test server. Because on a test server very rarely there are dangerous spawn. Almost never. I hope I understand it, I use a translator. Thanks for the discussion, I know the developers are reading us.

Arguing on its own is not a bother. What becomes the bother is that every time CCP puts SiSi into VIP mode because they need to test some stuff prior to a big update, people start crying that the test server is over and CCP is going to stop letting us use it etc.

I’m fine with people wanting to complain that it is down. I think they are being a bit entitled and impatient but that is there prerogative.

The constant unsubstantiated rumors that CCP is shutting down SiSi every time is just wrong however. At least until someone can provide an actual quote from CCP that they are doing so.


but this tme they announced other words about putting into vip mode…they ended sisi player testing access.

right now sisi is down