DuckDuck Distribution and Delivery Looking For New Members

Hello! This corporation is just getting started up, and we are looking for solid folks! The primary focus is on industry, trade, and hauling, with some PVE and potential PVP action on the side. The idea is to start in high-sec/low-sec, and gradually move to nullsec, into the wider universe, as we grow together.

We offer a reprocessing/buyback program that would be beneficial to both parties!

We believe in 360-degree feedback, transparency, helping each other improve, and setting goals together.


First dibs on share purchasing, with dividends being given out every quarter.

Shares will also be used for voting on activities as well as in recruitment/promotions.

Input at the foundational level of the corporation, shaping how it grows.

For more info feel free to respond to this, PM myself in-game, or join the DuckDuck Pub chat channel. Thanks!

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