Dumb Question about Localthreat website

I’ve been using localthreat to scope out the pilots in system, but I’ve been trying to figure out the last four column headings: D, G, K, and L.

Now, I’m certain K and L are for Kills and Losses, and I suppose D might mean Deaths (pod kill?), but what does G mean? Ganks? What does gank even mean in this context?

Don’t know that website, looks like third party solution: https://localthreat.xyz/
I did a check, these are stats from zkillboard:
D - “Dangerous” percentage
G - “Gangs” percentage (not solo)
K - Kills
L - Losses

Perhaps this part of the forums can help: Third Party Developers - EVE Online Forums

Holy moly, my PvE Alt is the by far most “dangerous” char in local according to that tool. Be careful Highsec!

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