Dungeon Shack is looking for a few pilots

New corp looking for a few pilots for PvE, and mining. Emerging Conduits, combat sites, asteroid belts, WH mining sometimes, data/relic sites. I have BPO’s for mining and PVE modules.

The corporation is located 6 jumps from Jita in a quiet area, neighbors low-sec systems and null is 3 jumps away if interested in that. New bros are welcome since I am as well, but all are welcome. The plan is to start small, maybe 5-6 active pilots.

My home station has all the invention needs except for reactions. Search Corp in-game “Dungeon Shack” for location. If you’re interested reply or send Radec Uitra an in-game message or join Dungeon Shack chat channel in-game. Discord channel available. I am in the Pacific time zone.

still looking for a few pilots to run rat sites with. Lets make some isk!!

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