Looking for PVE / PVP Pilots - Nullsec - Y-MPWL - Now You're Gone Alliance

Welcome to the Dungeon Shack

If you are a person that enjoys PvE, PvP, or both then this is a place for you. We are staged in Y-MPWL nullsec and part of “Now You’re Gone” alliance
be> Good amount of PVP if you want it and PVE from mining to abyssal

It’s small being 6 systems but if that’s what you enjoy, this is perfect. Access to alliance space in Providence. Join us!

In Game Channel - Dungeon Shack

Contact in game - Radec Uitra or Rikku Vanille

Corp name - Dungeon Shack

check Y-MPWL on Zkill. Ranked 54 all-time!

Today we cleared out an entire high-sec belt, did some C3 sites, and made 500M. Today was a good day

Today we got accepted by Now You’re Gone alliance. After downtime, we will be back in null with some great pilots. Recruitment is still open. Have fun with us!

We got settled in our new nullsec home. Starting to make isk already. Want in on some of this fun??? Send me a message in the game or apply to the corp.

Having good times and great laughs. Come see the fun!

Good times just keep coming.

If you are looking around here then that means you want to join us. Come chat with us! Join the in-game channel, better yet join the apply to the Corp! Lets get in space.